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Nintendo 2DS review

Release date: Oct. 12, 2013 (In US, Australia, New Zealand and EU)
Color options: Red or Blue with black trim
What’s in the box?: Console, charger, 4GB SD card, stylus, manual, AR Cards, Club Nintendo Registration info
Price: $129.99 (US)

With another entry in Nintendo’s highly successful handheld market, the Nintendo 2DS is a more affordable, “kid friendly” version that launched with seemingly little fanfare on October 12th along with Pokemon X and Y. I picked up the unit due to its low price point and the 2DS’s biggest, selling point: While the game console will play 3DS games, it has no 3D display option.

The system still comes with outward facing 3D cameras for things like capturing faces for making Miis, or for opponents in Face Raiders, a tech demo game that is pre-installed and a fun way to waste time.

The Nintendo’s 3DS has a 3D feature that is not recommended for children under the age of seven, so it appears that one of their main target demographics are those who are not able to use their product safely. It seems Nintendo has gone about addressing that issue with the 2DS, as it allows kids to play the most recent 3DS games as well as “over 2,000” previous DS game types without the potential for eye damage caused by the glasses-free 3D visuals. Read More…

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