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The evolution of the PlayStation

Ah, the first PlayStation. When a lot of people think about childhood, the PlayStation was at the center of it. Since that time, the PlayStation has transformed into something that uses technology gamers never dreamed would exist in a video game console. Let’s take a trip down the long, winding road that is Sony’s PlayStation.

The original PlayStation video game console was released in 1994 in Japan and one year later in North America, Europe, and Australia for $299. It transformed the way we play video games today. It featured real-time 3D graphic technology, the fastest processor in gaming, and it introduced CD technology. The controller was revolutionary at the time. It had two thumb sticks and a vibration feature. The top-selling games on the PlayStation 1 were Gran Turismo, Final Fantasy 4, Gran Turismo 2, Tomb Raider 2, and Metal Gear Solid, all franchises which still exist today.
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Gaming on a budget: Holiday shopping guide for the money conscious gamer

Because of the sparse availability of the the new consoles, I thought I’d compose a list of gift ideas that won’t break the bank and will still get the most use out of last generation’s consoles. I’ve listed items, games, and services I have used personally that I think will make great gifts this holiday season, along with the blockbuster titles.


IL*2 Sturmovik: Birds of Prey – Xbox 360/PlayStation 3

In an era where flight sims are seemingly a forgotten genre, this entry by 505 Games gets it right. Set during World War II, players take to the skies to as Allied pilots working to stop the Nazi war machine. Jump in the cockpit of Spitfires, B-52s, and other era craft as you follow the narrative from those who lived it. The game, while a fun and strong title, looks like something off of the History Channel. Its sound and imagery are very fitting for the time period. It is a good game all around, with some fun history to be learned as well.

El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron – Xbox 360/PlayStation 3

From the creators of Okami and Devil May Cry, this visual mindtrip is mixed with a hack-and-slash combat style and story almost literally out of the Bible that is not going ever be forgotten by those who play it. Taking control of the great grandfather of Noah, Enoch, you are tasked by God to defeat fallen angels to prevent the end of humanity. Working alongside the Devil, players will fight and platform their way to help save human kind. This is a game that is not well known, but should not at all be missed. Read More…

The Evolution of PlayStation (infographic)

The Evolution of PlayStation

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Attention gamers: Stop fighting and enjoy your consoles

Photo: Dude even Microsoft has said congrats to Sony for their launch, why can't us as gamers act like this?

Dear gamers everywhere,

The 8th console generation is finally upon us. The PlayStation 4 is available for purchase, and the Xbox One will be out next week. The Wii U has been out for almost a year, and some of its best games are coming out very soon.

Along with the happiness and excitement that comes with the start of a new console generation, there is anger and hate. Why do we have to argue over which console is “better?” Why can’t we just enjoy what we have?

The bullying occurring between gamers over the new consoles is sickening. When it comes down to it, it’s just a video game console. It’s not something to argue about or bully each other over. Some people prefer the PlayStation 4, and some people prefer the Xbox One. Some, like myself, prefer to have the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Wii U. I like to play everything because I love games. The consoles are irrelevant when it really comes down to it. It’s the games that matter.

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Gamers are the new professional athletes

Professional Gaming
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Capcom hires the right guns with Resident Evil Mercenaries multiplayer

Since the release of Resident Evil 4 in March of 2005, it seems little has gone right for Capcom–with the lackluster reception of Resident Evil 5, followed by last year’s Resident Evil 6 which came with many mixed reviews, resulting in a fairly quick price drop.  This is in addition to issues with other titles like Street Fighter, their fallout with game designer Keiji Inafune, and the consequential canceling of a few Mega Man games, even those that were almost finished.

Yet, in the wake of these many poor decisions, there is one facet of their games that they have gotten right: The inclusion of “The Mercenaries” multiplayer and 3DS game.

They took the stages, characters and weapons that existed in the games they were producing already and created a multiplayer mode in a series that had little to no multiplayer options. This worked, due to the fact that a major selling point of the later titles is the FPS gameplay and weapon customization. Read More…

Discussing the deep themes in Beyond: Two Souls (SPOILERS)

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains heavy spoilers for Beyond: Two Souls. You have been warned.

When I went to play Beyond: Two Souls for the first time, I didn’t know much about it. I tried to stay away from the trailers so I could be surprised when I played it. All I knew was that it was made by Quantic Dream, the people behind one of my favorite games, Heavy Rain, and that it was about a girl named Jodie Holmes who has a link with an entity. Little did I know that the game was going to affect me emotionally as much as it did.

The reviews for Beyond are mixed, with people on one end of the spectrum saying that it’s one of the best games ever made, and ones on the other end saying that it’s a complete mess. I’m one of those people on the high end of the spectrum. I wasn’t so sure about it at first, as the non-chronological story format threw me off, but I really came to love it. Read More…

Top 20 games of this console generation

With the next console generation coming up quick, it’s natural to start thinking about all of the great games that were released during this extraordinarily long console generation. Because this console generation spanned eight years, it’s easy to forget about some of the gems were released a few years back. I have chosen 20 games that I feel were the best this generation had to offer.

Writer’s note: I came into this console generation late, and haven’t had time to play all of the games I want to play. Other PCR writers will list their picks at the bottom of this list. Also, this is a list of console and PC games, and does not include handheld games. If the games were also available on handheld, however, that is listed. These are not necessarily in any particular order. Read More…

College football’s future in video games very much in doubt

As thought to be the case with the release of NCAA (National Collegiate Athletics Association) Football 14, this could be the last incarnation of a college-based football game that we will see, for now, if not possibly ever. Those realizations came true the other day when Electronic Arts (EA) announced that there will be no NCCA 15. The final decision comes down after a lawsuit was put forth by former college football players, who claimed that EA used their likenesses in the NCAA franchise, without proper monetary compensation.


Tim Tebow, anyone?

In July of this year, the NCAA decided not to renew its partnership with EA. EA planned to make a title without the full NCAA license anyway, instead of going through the Collegiate Licensing Company (CLC) but would not include teams from the Pac-12, SEC, or Big Ten. The deal with the CLC was not exclusive so another company could still make a title. Although, in terms of licensing, it wouldn’t be the same. EA planned to fill in the gaps with missing teams along with the CLC license.

We have now learned that EA and the CLC have settled a lawsuit filed by former college football players for a reported $40 million dollars. The NCAA has yet to settle and the players have banded together and will pursue this case all the way to the Supreme Court if necessary. Read More…

Short and sweet: Does the length of a game matter?

In this console generation, we have seen a lot of games–especially ones made by indie developers–that are very short in length. Generally, most games are expected to be at least seven or eight hours long, but some games today are as little as two hours in length. Is this a bad thing? Not always.

Some of the most memorable gaming experiences I’ve had were with short games. Journey. Gone Home. Thomas Was Alone. Not all games need to be 10 hours in length to be remarkable.

Journey was a very noteworthy gaming experience for a lot of people, including myself. It’s only about two hours long, but it doesn’t need to be any longer than that. That type of gameplay would get stale and redundant very quickly, and it would take a lot of charm away from a really special experience. Read More…

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