Total Dominance: An iOS Game App Review!

Developer/Publisher: Demst Team/Motion 9 Studios
Genre: Strategy, Board Games
Number of Players: Single player/Multiplayer
Available on: iOS devices (Reviewed on iPhone 4)
Release date:  Sept. 8, 2013


Wow! Our very first iOS game app review! Very exciting, indeed.

And what other way to usher in a new platform in our scope than this little gem?

Total Dominance is a strategic board game app that is inspired by Six-Men Morris, a classic 1800s board game of wits involving six game pieces that each players control, which is a total of 12 pieces. The object is to line up 3 of your pieces while preventing the opponent from accomplishing the same goal. Once three pieces are lined up, they form a “mill.” When mills are formed, the respective player is allowed to remove one of the opponent’s pieces. The game is over when one player is left with only two pieces or is unable to perform any “legal” moves, meaning they are allowed to move their piece to a certain space. With that being said, there are multiple dynamics as to how to accomplish your goal of dominating your opponent. (Fun Trivia: This game was also one of the mini-games in Assassin’s Creed III!)


Now, enough of the game concept, let’s get down to practicality.

The game itself is quite enjoyable if you yourself are really strategically orientated and like to outwit and outmaneuver your opponents. However, one thing that could have made the game exponentially better would be the speed it takes for a piece to walk from one point to the next. It really made me impatient to see my piece waddle down the path when I really want to get the move over with. But speed is just one issue and can be overlooked.


The game allows for two people to play and that’s what I feel is a fundamental need in any App that pits one opponent against another. Nothing’s better than looking at your friend in the eye as you make that final move that decides the fate of the game while laughing maniacally and rubbing your hands together in a sinister way… (THEN having the app close on you and now you’re just left there looking foolish with no proof that you would have won… Waaaah D;)

All in all, this game is a classic resurrected. I enjoyed the countless hours I spent in testing my wits against the ever-aggravating AI who is seemingly and always three or four steps ahead of me.


+Good visuals for an iOS app
+Good concept
+Good sound effects and fitting music
– Game speed could be improved


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About Kevin Nguyen (SleepyheadWR)

Born in Fountain Valley, CA, Kevin grew up to be a very considerate and passionate individual in terms of communication and interaction with his fellow man. Having moved during the age of 3 to the East Side, he spent most of his life in a middle class home, having moved three times before settling to finish his high school education. After graduating in 2011, he made a sudden move back to his birth state and started to reform and reteach himself in order to become a proper member of society. Now, almost two decades after he had left his birth place, he is now on his way back onto his path and is pursuing his lifelong career in Human Services.

4 responses to “Total Dominance: An iOS Game App Review!”

  1. Anonymous says :

    Mind Boggling game…:)

  2. Anonymous says :

    Smart game for smart players…

  3. Anonymous says :

    Good strategy game,thoroughly exercising your mind,enjoyed
    It.will recommend others to play..


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